Ben and Carl’s Extended Editor 2 (BEE2)

A special thanks to everyone who made the content included in this mod:

  • August Loolam (Rantis)
  • Benjamin Thomas Blodgett (BenVlodgi)
  • Ben Bryant (Mevious)
  • Bisqwit
  • Carl Kenner
  • Felix Griffin
  • HMW
  • Skotty
  • TeamSpen210

Design your own palette, choose your style, and export to Portal 2! Now there is no limit to the number of different types of items you can have in a single room!

[New] Beta BEE2.4.x Instructions available on GitHub

Latest Release available here BEE2.4.x @ GitHub

[Old] Alpha BEE2.2.5 View the update log at the bottom of the page

Download the Alpha Automatic Installer @
Re-Upload available here BEE2.2.5 Automatic Installer @ GitHub

Update Log:

Alpha .2.5

I’ve made the variants for the drawbridge and vent. The vent’s working perfectly fine, but I did have to switch the drawbridge to the PTI model to work with portals correctly. I’ve got the timings pretty close, it really shouldn’t mess with any maps. I made a diff of all the changed files for this patch… -TeamSpen210

  • Added descriptions with authorship for all Valve, BEEMOD and HMW’s items.
  • Added more filters for ^ items, putting them into groups
    • Test Elements – Laser emitters, cubes, pellet catchers etc
    • Panels – including doors, Geometry – light strips, obs rooms, goo, glass
    • Logic – triggers, both logic gates, portal helpers
    • Custom – really new things like vents, crushers, reflection gel, pellets and paint fizzlers.
  • Added packer commands for all the custom content.
  • A heap of changes to the logic and other things in the drawbridge.
  • Added a grating to the Old Aperture bridges, to provide an explanation for why gel on the bottom side isn’t useable.
  • Fixed a few “leaks” in instances like obs rooms, lasers and some of the entry/exit corridors so VBSP optimises away the 128*128*4 backpanels and squarebeams brushes if they aren’t needed to seal the map (Gets rid of the large room around the observation room).
  • Added the quiet styles back for the styles that already have the instances (not for P1 or Art Therapy).
  • Retextured old frame instances so they properly line up together.

Alpha .2.4

  • Item fixes
  • item details filled out more thoroughly.
  • Maybe More?

Alpha .2.3

  • Who can remember?
  • Could have been adding that piston panel

Alpha .2.2

  • Added missing/ broken palette models
  • instance updates
  • Supported icon size for XP users

Alpha .2.1

  • Added missing Portal 1 style files

Premier Release Alpha .2

  • Includes everything (more than I care do mention)
  • BEE2 application: palette designer and script generator, will manage all your items sort via filters, and let you easy create your own palette
  • Portal 1 style
  • Mevious’ new Rexaura Items
  • New items by Carl
  • BEEMOD items
  • HMW’s items
  • FGE collection of items
  • Bisqwit items
  • Does not include the custom compiler

47 thoughts on “Ben and Carl’s Extended Editor 2 (BEE2)”

  1. I’m having an issue when making my chamber look like P1 using P1 Textures from BEE mod. The map gets a build error

  2. ok, so,the BEE2 v.2application doesnt work, but the v.1 version does. also, when i try changing the items in the menu, it doesnt save. style changing works just fine, though.

  3. Got the mod and its working great! Now Im trying to do additional editing in Hammer, but when it exports, the science sphere the map is in is uneditable. the whole thing is grouped, and for the life of me I cant figure out how to fix it. any Ideas? Thanks!

  4. I keep getting this error on my mac:
    dyld: Library not loaded: /opt/local/lib/libintl.8.dylib
    Referenced from: /Users/My Name/Downloads/BEE2.4_pr22_mac/bin/BEE2
    Reason: image not found
    Trace/BPT trap: 5

    Any ideas?

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  6. When I open the chamber with overgrown, it gives an error.
    Error is “Could not build yhe test chamber.”
    Pls help. 🙁

  7. The readme file for 2.4 BEE instructs the user to open BEE.exe in the bin folder. The files that were downloaded do not include a bin directory, and there is no BEE.exe. Is there an automatic installer like there was for the old version?

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  19. it seems Norton doesn’t like BEE2.exe, whenever I unzip the file, Norton says its not safe and has been removed. The reasons are it’s relatively new, has few users and has a medium threat level… there is also the WS.Reputation.1 thing. just letting you know so you can fix this!

  20. hello,,,,,,,,i just installed bee 2.4 and I like the 50’s and 80’s styles but it wont let me change or has the option to pick,,,,,,,,,,can find and use style changer anywhere,please help

    old bee worked fine but when i install IT the pallete is filled with RED STOP SIGNS

  21. For some reason after a certain amount of time (not very long) while using the program, I try to extract the palette files to Portal 2, and the whole program ends up crashing. Not only that, but the program actually deletes itself and whenever I try to re-extract it back into the folder (from the zip file) it still acts dysfunctional. I was hoping to ask if you have a solution?

    1. I would like to address that I have been able to resolve my problem. If you would like to know, the newest version of the program has some to all Antivirus programs (I use Avast only, so I have no clue) identifying it as a malicious file.

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