31 thoughts on “BEE2.2 Released!”

  1. I got bee mod one then found 2 then added it with the instaler do i need t to remove bee mod 1 before geting 2 for it to add the new stuff or is it basically same stuff

    1. BEE2 has all the stuff you know from the original BEEMOD, but with a lot more items from different creators, the possibility to edit your own palette to your own taste, the option to have a different theme than the regular one and the possibility to use screenshots as the preview image. BEE2 is a direct upgrade, but you’ll need to dig a bit more in your Portal files to install it.

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  3. Hi, I know this is not a final product, but was wondering if the “portal magnet” aka portal placement helper could be fixed.

    It only sort of works because if someone is persistent then they can fire a portal a few times and then it can go to the left or right if on a wall or any direction if on floor or ceiling. I know how to do it in Hammer, but it’s time consuming to export and do all the stuff just for one thing. Is there a way to fix it?

    Thanks you!

  4. I have BEE2 working OK on my PC. Most of the palette items are working as they should.
    Tried to add the Animal King turret to a new chamber. It appears OK but I can’t get it activated.
    Any suggestions welcome.
    Thanks, Bob.

  5. I’ve used the rocket sentry in some of my new chambers and they activate and fire OK and the projectile explodes on contact but in a non-lethal effect when hitting the player.
    Is there some code I can add to make the rockets lethal, otherwise they are just for show!

  6. Okay, so I got your BEE2 mod. Absolutely love it. Everything was easy, accept for… how do you change the style? Like, the era of the chamber? I may sound dumb, but could you tell me how? Thanks.

  7. So I clicked on the download link and it said the page could not be found, so I refreshed it, and it still didn’t work. I have tried it in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer

    1. the BEE2.2 doesn’t support any other operating system other than Windows… however the latest version, the BEE2.4 does support all operating systems 😀

  8. I downloaded this mod and it automatically added the BEE1 files as well. I ran the style changer, and then tried the BEE v.1 as specified in the instructions. it came up with an error message that read “BEEMOD has thrown an unhandled exception”. It had the option to ignore the error and go in anyway but when I hit it, the pallet and Item list came up blank. I then tried to run the BEE v.2 and it came up with the items, but the icons were missing for many items, and when I tried to place the new items in the editor, any attempt at building the level failed.

  9. Hello! I have the mod, and it works amazingly! The issue I am encountering is that the rocket turrets do not work. They appear as the blue aiming laser and nothing else. Is there a way to fix this?

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