“Back-Stock” takes place after the events of Portal 2, as you are one of the test subjects found in the human vault at the end of Portal 2 co-op.
You are not being tested by GLaDOS directly, she has divided up the thousands of test subjects, and assigned them to other personality constructs, for testing.
You will go through the newly finished Aperture Science’s Testing chambers, face new test solving techniques, and see new testing elements. Aperture has truly reached its prime.
This is only the beginning of the story, the rest we are keeping a secret otherwise you wouldn’t even need to play this mod. O_o
Throughout this mod you will encounter new game-changing mechanics, and chamber solving styles.

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  1. when i use over grown when i build when the frist bar fills up it says theres a error also is there a way to add more stuff the the pallet maker thing?

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