Ben and Carl’s Extended Editor 2 (BEE2)

A special thanks to everyone who made the content included in this mod:

  • August Loolam (Rantis)
  • Benjamin Thomas Blodgett (BenVlodgi)
  • Ben Bryant (Mevious)
  • Bisqwit
  • Carl Kenner
  • Felix Griffin
  • HMW
  • Skotty
  • TeamSpen210

Design your own palette, choose your style, and export to Portal 2! Now there is no limit to the number of different types of items you can have in a single room!

Current version Alpha BEE2.2.5 View the update log at the bottom of the page

Download the latest Automatic Installer @
Re-Upload available here Automatic Installer @ GitHub

Update Log:

Alpha .2.5

I’ve made the variants for the drawbridge and vent. The vent’s working perfectly fine, but I did have to switch the drawbridge to the PTI model to work with portals correctly. I’ve got the timings pretty close, it really shouldn’t mess with any maps. I made a diff of all the changed files for this patch… -TeamSpen210

  • Added descriptions with authorship for all Valve, BEEMOD and HMW’s items.
  • Added more filters for ^ items, putting them into groups
    • Test Elements – Laser emitters, cubes, pellet catchers etc
    • Panels – including doors, Geometry – light strips, obs rooms, goo, glass
    • Logic – triggers, both logic gates, portal helpers
    • Custom – really new things like vents, crushers, reflection gel, pellets and paint fizzlers.
  • Added packer commands for all the custom content.
  • A heap of changes to the logic and other things in the drawbridge.
  • Added a grating to the Old Aperture bridges, to provide an explanation for why gel on the bottom side isn’t useable.
  • Fixed a few “leaks” in instances like obs rooms, lasers and some of the entry/exit corridors so VBSP optimises away the 128*128*4 backpanels and squarebeams brushes if they aren’t needed to seal the map (Gets rid of the large room around the observation room).
  • Added the quiet styles back for the styles that already have the instances (not for P1 or Art Therapy).
  • Retextured old frame instances so they properly line up together.

Alpha .2.4

  • Item fixes
  • item details filled out more thoroughly.
  • Maybe More?

Alpha .2.3

  • Who can remember?
  • Could have been adding that piston panel

Alpha .2.2

  • Added missing/ broken palette models
  • instance updates
  • Supported icon size for XP users

Alpha .2.1

  • Added missing Portal 1 style files

Premier Release Alpha .2

  • Includes everything (more than I care do mention)
  • BEE2 application: palette designer and script generator, will manage all your items sort via filters, and let you easy create your own palette
  • Portal 1 style
  • Mevious’ new Rexaura Items
  • New items by Carl
  • BEEMOD items
  • HMW’s items
  • FGE collection of items
  • Bisqwit items
  • Does not include the custom compiler

6 thoughts on “Ben and Carl’s Extended Editor 2 (BEE2)”

  1. I’m having an issue when making my chamber look like P1 using P1 Textures from BEE mod. The map gets a build error

  2. ok, so,the BEE2 v.2application doesnt work, but the v.1 version does. also, when i try changing the items in the menu, it doesnt save. style changing works just fine, though.

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